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Flame-retardant Dust Removal Equipment

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Flame-retardant Dust Removal Equipment




The flame-retardant dust removal equipment developed by Tangshan Yajie Machinery Co. Ltd (TYMC) is suitable for purification of various kinds of industrial gasses, particularly the oil soot and dust. The equipment is currently widely used for purification of gases and soot in heat treatment, shot blasting, foundry and welding sectors. It operates with a multiple of dust removal technologies to ensure that the gas emission is up to the environmental protection standard. It proves to be ideal technically upgraded re-generation equipment for purification of gasses and soot.

The equipment had been granted a state patent. In 2014, it passed the technical appraisal made by China Heat Treatment Association and was highly commended.


Special Features:
On the inlet of the equipment, a primary atomizer is fitted. Due to the permanent presence of water spray and reduced deposit of greasy mud on inner wall of pipe, the fire hazard in pipe is thoroughly eliminated.

As the concentration of gases and dust in workshop is lowered to the permissible level specified by environmental protection standard on concentration of harmful matters in workshop, the working condition in workshop is optimized, condusive to the physical and mental health of operators.

Thanks to the use of a multi-stage spraying system, the purified gasses discharged into workshop are reduced to a dust concentration of as low as 5mg/m3, well up to the indoor emission standard. Furthermore, the use and arrangement of the equipment is made more convenient.

Due to use of water as dust removal medium, operating cost is appreciably curtailed.

The mud scraping mechanism is under control by frequency converter for higher working efficiency.

The equipment operates automatically and is maintenance-free and easy to operate. It can be designed such as to operate in combination with a shot-blast system.

A turnkey job can be made by TYMC through assuming the full responsibility for equipment design, engineering, commissioning, and acceptance, so as to lighten the load of user.

Different models of the equipment are available for selection for meeting the specific need of users.


Address: China, hebei, tangshan lubei district Tel:+86-0315-7657768 Fax:+86-0315-7062207
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