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Energy-saving Roller Hearth Protective Atmosphere Annealing Furnace

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Energy-saving Roller Hearth Protective Atmosphere Annealing Furnace




The furnace is suitable for spheroidizing of various kinds of gears, bearing rings, rollers, wire rods and tubular products under protective atmosphere.

The treatment line is composed mainly of the charging table, fore vacuum vestibule, dead soaking region, rapid cooling zone, isothermal spheroidizing zone, fast cooling zone, rear vacuum vestibule, transition material table, discharging table, gas supply system, control system and PLC monitoring and control system.


Special Features:

The treatment line is provided with a patented exhaust heat recovery and utilization system for making full use of the residual heat after spheroidation process. The power consumption for treating each ton of work-pieces is therefore reduced down to 150kwh, drastically lowering the operating cost.

Annealing is effected with nitrogen+propane combined protective atmosphere and precise control. The total decarburization depth is less than 0.04mm.

The products exhibit an excellent spheroidized structure. The treatment line is arranged in a straight through form for effectively avoiding mixing of products----a requirement of European and American high-end customers.

The use of the fore and rear vestibules has led to decreased consumption of process gasses, reduced interference to atmosphere in furnace and, hence, more consistency of quality of products.

The line operates with Siemens control system for higher operating reliability.

There is provided a power supply management system which is capable of making real-time recording of power consumption for facilitating cost management.

A process medium flow-rate monitoring and recording system can readily be added to cater to the needs of high-end customers.

A black box recording system is provided for real-time monitoring of each operating action of equipment, greatly facilitating troubleshooting.

It is capable of making remote fault diagnosis, thanks to the use of remote control system.

A video monitoring and control system can be incorporated for making remote real-time viewing.

Different models and specifications of furnace are available for selection. The largest one has a capacity of 36t/d and the furnace can be custom-designed according to requirement of users.







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