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Clutch Diaphragm Roller Pressure Quenching Line

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Clutch Diaphragm Roller Pressure Quenching Line




The line is special equipment is specifically developed by TYMC for the clutch diaphragm producers. It is mainly used for oil-bath marquenching of a large batch of hot-shaping clutch diaphragm springs, or for water cooled mould quenching of thin-walled parts. The quenching line is composed of the loading table, special atmosphere roller heating furnace, pressure quenching machine, washing machine, stacking machine, tempering furnace and control system. Loading and quenching of parts are all made in an automatic manner. The line is highly adaptable and is capable of treating parts with effective diameters and thicknesses ranging from 150-450mm and 2.5-6mm respectively.


Special Features:

Hot shaping is an one-pass operation for simplification of process and curtail of operating cost.

The treating line operates in a fully automatic mode (automatic loading and transfer of parts), so as to reduce the artificial interference to a minimum and ensure the consistency of products.

It is heated with protective atmosphere for ensuring zero decarburization and higher product quality.

Use is made of patented roller design for reducing heat short-circuiting and easy and quick mounting and dismounting.

Use is made of ceramic rollers, effectively eliminating the deformation-related trouble. Thanks to the use of sophisticated cooling system for the bearings of rollers, the bearings offer an extra-long service life.

Due to use of 2-position pressure quenching machine, the hydraulic system works independently without mutual interference.

The mould is of patented aligning design. The upper mould section is enabled to be subjected to a stable stress.

The line can be provided with visual system for monitoring product discharging and key quenching process and for guarding against turning out of any substandard or detective product.

The line is provided with power supply management system which is capable of making real-time recording of power consumption for facilitating cost statistics. The line can be provided with video monitoring and control system for making remote real-time view.

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