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Pusher Furnace Line

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Thermal Treatment System for High Volumes

AFC-Holcroft is the acknowledged leader in pusher furnace technology. Every AFC-Holcroft pusher furnace incorporates many unique and innovative features that were not only pioneered by AFC-Holcroft, but are found exclusively on AFC-Holcroft equipment. Our pusher furnace designs are often imitated but never duplicated.

Metallurgical Processes:

Carburizing, quenching, thermal refiningand Annealing

Types of Products:

Transmission and Axle Components, Drivetrain Components, Shafts, Castings, Forgings and Engine Components

Unique Features:

         Ability to handle variable production rates and simultaneously process large numbers of different parts

         Single row to six row designs for high production volumes

         Single or multi-chamber design

         Modular design for flexibility and ease of maintenance

         Silicon carbide and high alumina segmented skid rails

         Captive chain tray transfer mechanism with sealed housing (horizontal or vertical)

         Recirculating ball nut and screw pusher mechanism designed specifically for heavy loads

         Automatic adjustment of main pusher stroke to compensate for thermal expansion and permanent tray growth

         Large diameter single-ended and U-type radiant tube systems mounted horizontally or vertically

         Internal or external recuperators

         Single or multiple quench systems (oil, water, polymer or molten salt)

         Patented "upflow" or "uniflow" quench design available

         Press quenching available

         High pressure gas quenching available (10-20 bar nitrogen)

         Pyro-Kleen preheat / pre-oxidizer

         Available in a variety of control platforms providing total data monitoring, controlling, tracking and         acquisition capability

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