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Industrial Gas Intensive Purification Equipment

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Industrial Gas Intensive Purification Equipment




In the controlled atmosphere heat treatment sector, natural gas (propane) has found ever-increasingly extensive application. With the demand on quality of heat treatment process becoming ever-increasingly stricter, the effect on quality of processed product produced by the sulphur adverse content in natural gas (propane) has become a public concern. Particularly the effect of sulphur on the formation of nonmartensitic surface on processed product produced by sulphur has been borne out to a large extent. To tackle with the problem, Tangshan Yajie Machinery Co, Ltd (TYMC) has developed a kind of natural gas (propane) desulphurization equipment through study over years and incorporation of advanced domestic and overseas technologies in this respect. With the use of this equipment, a supply of natural gas with extremely low content of sulphur can be steadily ensured,


Special Feature:

The equipment is of a double-tank design, with one operating and the other standby for steady gas supply.

Use is made of multi-component purifying agent. Due to effective removal of organic and inorganic sulphur , the total sulphur content of the natural gas supplied is controlled below 5mg/m3.

The purifying agent can be reused with a service life of over 10 years. The equipment can operate under normal temperature. As no heating operation is required for maintaining its normal operation, the power rate can be appreciably curtailed..

The purifying tanks are all of internally heated design, and the regenerated heat is high in efficiency and low in energy consumption and can be produced within a short time period.

It is provided with PLC system which can perform automatic leakage detection function after heat is regenerated, for avoiding any hidden peril. There is also a fuel gas leakage alarm device for real-time monitoring of gas concentration outside the tanks.

Thanks to the use of tubular heater, electrostatic protection device and nitrogen gas regeneration process, the risk of explosion of equipment is reduced to a maximum.

It is of a standardized design. A series of the purifying equipment in capacities of 5-100m3/h is available.

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